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Growth 7

7 areas of focus to grow your business

7 weeks = 7 areas = growth

More coming soon.

The 7 areas:

Know where you are, Innovation, Marketing, Sales Mastery, Financial & Legal Analysis, Optimisation and Raving Fans.

In the meantime please get in touch here for a bit more detail and how this will help you, your team and your business grow.

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LEADing exponentially 

trust, transparency, simplification, change

through leadership team coaching


As a leadership team, we spend a lot of the time and energy in search of the competitive advantage by defining strategy, identifying cost savings, better technology and more sophisticated engineering and so forth. All of this is smart. However, there is one critical advantage that is available to any company or project wishing to invest the time and effort to get it...

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executive facilitation

= Get answers quickly =

For anyone with a big opportunity, problem, or idea who needs to get answers quickly and engage with their team, wider group or organisation.  Facilitation is a great way to engage, share, reinvent, set expectations, provide and receive feedback, find solutions and develop ideas with people no matter where they are in the world or what the topic is.

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1-1 Professional


There has been an EVOLUTION!

All my one to one coaching in now here:

Why?  I hope it makes it more straightforward for you so that I can


serve more people,

more often,

more of the time.

I also hope it is a richer experience for everyone interested in or using coaching in their life and work.  Please click the link, image or button which will take you to the new, dedicated one-to-one coaching website.

about me

Hello.  I'm Iain Menmuir.  I am a professional coach.

I'm an expert in creating change in people and teams so that they can achieve the results they really want.

When we work together we can do this


There are benefits with both options and we will design the most effective method for your unique circumstances.




"I have had the professional pleasure of working with Iain Menmuir on a large North Sea development from the very outset of the project. Iain is a highly motivated, professional and what one might call subject matter expert on human behaviour in a professional and highly dynamic environment... If anyone wants to build a team, has dysfunctions within their team, has conflict issues, underperformance or simply wants to improve on an already high performing team Iain is extremely well placed to support and develop those teams in need."



"Iain has worked with me and a number of teams on several high profile major capital well construction projects in the UKCS. His ability to focus everyone’s attention on what matters in any situation has been key to unlocking the team potential for high-performance well delivery."



"Managing growth is only possible when teams work together effectively, but this is extremely difficult to achieve. Or so I thought….  Iain has guided and coached us, teaching us a set of simple tools to align the team’s mutual objectives and expectations with those of the business... I highly recommend Iain as a leadership and change management expert with the ability to adapt to a wide variety of situations and personalities."