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Facilitation is a great way to engage, share, reinvent, set expectations, provide and receive feedback, find solutions and develop ideas with people no matter where they are in the world or what the topic is.

Skilled facilitation provides structure, by using tools and processes to free your head-space to focus on what you need to achieve and how to get it.  I facilitate groups of as few as 6 people right through to 000’s in a virtual and/or face to face environment.


My processes are highly interactive and visual.  The main idea behind visual tools is that they allow everything to be displayed so all members of a group can see and work with the same information at the same time.  It also leaves less space for misunderstandings and any conflicting recollections of what was actually discussed and agreed upon.


This all leads to greater efficiency and productivity.


As a trained facilitator I have strong verbal and analytical skills.  I know what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how questions should be structured to get good answers.  I also know how to probe for more information when necessary, how to rephrase or reframe statements to enhance understanding, and how to highlight areas of agreement and disagreement as they develop.


One of the invisible skills I have as a facilitator, often using nonverbal techniques, is the ability to read and analyse group dynamics on the spot to guide the group productively.

Other skills I use are to redirect questions and comments if necessary, give positive reinforcement, encourage contrasting views, include quieter members of the group, and deal with domineering or hostile participants!


My role as the facilitator is to set ground rules, provide effective processes to get to where the group/team wants to be and manage the boundaries of the discussion while remaining impartial.


I will also help you manage the entire setup, design, delivery and follow-up of your meeting, workshop or event.


I provide training for presenters, where necessary, and support you and your team to make sure everything is slick and professional.

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