One to One

Professional Coaching

in change and leadership


of what you really want


overcome the things that are blocking you


that you want

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You want to change something. You hire me as your professional coach because you want to get somewhere that you are not today. You want to redefine and grab hold of your future.

In change and self-leadership

When my clients first come to me, they are often blocked or seem to be standing still rather than moving forward towards what they want. They want to understand themselves better. They want to make changes that stick but haven't been able to do so alone.​


You want someone to ask the questions no one else will and be active in listening to what you say.


Irrespective of what level you consider yourself to be, a professional coach will help you get to where you want to be. You don't have to be elite to have a coach. Although everyone in every walk of life who is elite does have a coach. 


Every coaching session I give is tailormade, designed exclusively for you. From our first meeting, you will have a feel for this; it is transformative. 

I create bespoke, professional coaching that is for you, and that is specific to your wants.


We will have profound and powerful experiences focused on who you are right now and how we will get to what you want. 


In our first session, I will be asking a few questions and doing lots of listening to understand what you want and why it's so important to you. We will talk about the commitment we need to make and how we will hold each other accountable during our entire relationship. It is essential, for us to establish what it is, we are striving to grasp and how we may work together.


Your investment is for all my experience, all my knowledge and my unrivalled commitment to you. Also, an objective perspective, accountability, inspiration, motivation, support, guidance and tools all focused on what you want.

You will get all my experience of working with thousands of people, cultures and nationalities from every walk of life. You will get all the knowledge I have from my leadership roles, studying, life-long learning and the myriad of tools I have at my disposal as your professional coach. Some will help us to understand what you want, what you stand for beyond anything else and some to uncover the things that are blocking you which are the reasons why you don't already have those things you want.

A good coach has lots of first-hand experience from their personal and professional lives with tremendous knowledge of working with many people focusing on helping them make changes that stick. Read my Biography, and you will start to see I have plenty of this for both of us and that change is an integral part of me.


Everything is confidential.


You are prepared to explore beyond what you already think, feel, see and do otherwise you'll end up with what you already have.  You must trust me, as I will you.

We will be fearless in our conversations - open, honest and sincere, all with compassion.  I will challenge you in this way and ask you the questions no one else will so you must turn-up, be present, commit and never let fear or doubt get in the way of what you want.