Virtual Capability

We have been using 'virtual' tools since 2008

All our services can be run in a virtual setting, face to face and a combination of these.

Some of the tools we use

You will have used a number of the tools we use before such as Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Houseparty, WhatsApp, FaceTime.  You get the gist.  For facilitating interactive workshops, off-sites, breakout rooms and whiteboards that are visible yet specific to breakout sessions, there are lots of limitations in these tools.


We choose other tools available that are some of the easiest to use and get to grips with for you the user and us the facilitator.  These tools give us all the flexibility, interaction and tools that we would have in a face to face setting that is possible online.

The other thing that is paramount to us is your confidentiality.  These, set up correctly, provide this.